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Dream big. Start small. Act now.

Collegiate Coaching Services provides community-based therapeutic coaching, academic coaching, & clinical services to young adults, ages 18-30+ in Boulder, CO and the surrounding areas.  Our services are personalized to meet the young adults developmental, emotional, recovery, and academic needs. We specialize in independent living support, academic success, recovery from mental health issues, technology abuse, as well as substance abuse. The young adults we work with are not required to be enrolled in college to utilize our services.

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We support and empower young adults attending college for the first time, those with a history of school failure, low motivation, unable to maintain employment, isolation, learning differences, and low self-confidence to discover their strengths & understand their limitations so they can approach their goals with a realistic plan that leads to success on campus, in the community, workplace, and in their personal recovery process. We specialize in academics at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Naropa University and Front Range Community College.

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The parents we work with have been through difficult periods of time with their young adult children. They have experienced disappointments, and have some level of distrust in their child due to past poor choices and decisions. Our services support parents to feel empowered and confident when it comes to developing and maintaining healthy boundaries and communication with their children. Most often the parents we work with live out of state and our presence in their child’s life provides them with a peace of mind.

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Learn More about Our Supervised Independent Living Services in Boulder, CO

About Us

  • Our services are provided by a team of men and women coaches and therapists who have advanced education, training, and experience in the fields of mental health, addictions, and education.
  • We have a special expertise in transitions, community-based, independent living support, and empowering young adults to achieve.
  • We are well connected to community resources, the recovering community and what it has to offer, and the colleges and universities our clients attend.
  • Our clients have a 100% success rate when it comes to becoming employed.
  • 💥

    ACADEMIC success

    IS A CSS PRIORITY - With our support, empowerment, knowledge, and accountability our clients achieve academic success.

  • 🌎


    CREATES A SENSE OF IDENTITY – We empower young adults to develop a community of friends and peers by introducing them to what interests them, and to activities and events that challenge them to move out of their comfort zone.

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    IS A SPECIALTY OF CSS – The accountability we provide and our strength-based perspective empowers our clients to feel a sense of confidence and resiliency even during difficult moments.

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    Each of the three elements of CCS; Academics, Community, and Recovery are supported by our practical skills coaching.


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